Educational Links


WordReference -  Most handy online dictionary series I use 

Reference - Basic language reference - verbs, vocab, grammar, pronunciation

The Department of Education, Nassau, Bahamas

Educators-Bahamas forum and mailing List - the brave effort of Karen

ACTFL- The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages - the most popular Intl Conference attended by teachers in the Bahamas.




Alphabet                                                                                        Letters of the alphabet with pronunciation

Ven Conmigo                                                                                Vocabulary with pronunciation based on Ven Conmigo

Oxford Icafe                                                                                Resourse Website for Students
                                                                                                       (ask your teacher for the password)

BBC Languages

Latinization Interviews                                                                (interactive MC test with video-interview stimulus) (needs QuickTime)

StudySpanish                                                                                Grammar and Pronunciation tutorials and quizzes

QUIA: Spanish - Grammar                                                              Online Grammar Games (Ven Conmigo)

Ecuador                                                                                        Ven Conmigo module and exercises on Ecuador

Cuentos para aprender Español                                                  Cuentos de autores de todo el mundo de habla hispana                      Web based projects                                       Exercises from Mas Arriba                                                         Free Course by email                                                                           Audio Archives 

                                                                                                            (Ven Conmigo)    

                                                                                                             (Ven Conmigo)

Spanish Grammar Ecercises (Colby)                                                             

Spanish Grammar Exercises Index (Trinity)                                           BBC Langauge courses/resources – including videos
Spanish Grammar Help
Spanish grammar in review (Multimedia Center, University of Toronto)
Spanish Language Drills                                Electronic Flashcards - grammar                                         Inermediate readings                 An interactive Spanish Course - downloadable                                                                       Ven Conmigo web site                                                                                               

BBC-SOS Teacher
Search the BBC archives for answers to thousands of homework or revision questions, from Key Stage 2 to A level.

BBC-Onion Street
An essential study area which offers revision based live chat,daily chatrooms, interactive quizzes and study tips/advice pieces.

BBC Languages-Spanish
A definitive site for learning about Spanish Language and culture. Students can use the "Talk Spanish" and "Suenos" on-line courses to improve upon their language skills or familiarise themselves with Spanish news and society.

BBC Languages-Spanish Steps
A short course to kick-start your Spanish-for school, holidays, work or just for fun (realplayer needed).
Serving the Spanish-speaking population of the Americas, you'll coverage meets the requirements of the target audience which highlight the linguistic variations of Spanish.

El Mundo
El Mundo includes sections on travel, health, books, finance, horoscopes, festivals, sport and much more, in addition to the headlines. GCSE and A level students will find it useful for reading practice and research.

El Pais
Read about sport, international news, society, economy, leisure, games, advertising and letters. It would be interesting to able GCSE students for language practice and for finding out more about Spanish life and culture.

Extr@ Spanish
Soap opera for GCSE students. Sacha and Annie share a flat. Their neighbour Nico likes Sacha, but it's Annie who returns his affections. The site accompanies a Channel 4 series and contains lots of vocabulary practice.

Learn Spanish: A Free Online Tutorial
A formal introduction to Spanish is available here with excellent material on all aspects of learning the language. Useful for GCSE revision.

Mr Lee's Online Spanish Tutor
Students having trouble understanding Spanish grammar rules will find this site useful. Each grammar point is accompanied by explanatory notes explaining the Spanish rule. Choose either basic or advanced level.

The World
Read the main newspapers from around the world. This site enables you to access 1296 newspapers, from 192 countries, around the globe.



French Exercises                 Interactive exercises with video - needs QuickTime? as add-in.                                                                               Fusee site (exercises based on the Fusee Course by Hodder & Stoughton)                                                    BBC Langauge courses/resources – including videos
http:/                                                                          French KS3                                                                          French teaching site                                                                 French GCSE revision                                                                      Métro site - secondary                                                                              Actif site                  

                                                                                                                    French for Travellers...basic phrases


Online Magazines, Institutions, websites and General Portals - Spanish                                                                           Spanish Yahoo                                                                                  El Pais newspaper                                                                                                    Si, Spain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


List of Periodicals

Latina (Bilingual Woman's Magazine)

El Pais

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures @ Globe-Gate

El Tiempo: Colombia

WWW Servers in Spain                                                                              This is a hyperspace clickable map that lets you select WWW servers in different parts of Spain. This is the best place to start exploring the Web in Spain.

Latin America                                                                                             This would contain major information links throughout Latin America.

Latin American Studies Colloquium                                                           Oodles of links to Latin America and the Carribean.

UF Center for Latin American Studies                                                        Web page from the University of Florida.

Hispanic Online

La Jornada                                                                                                  Online Magazine


Online Magazines, Institutions, websites and General Portals - French




Le Monde

La Redoute

Agence Nationale Pour l'Emploi

Radio France

Clicnet: Directory of French Language Sources on the Web.

ARTFL French Language Treasury

Paris Interactive...a multimedia tour

Ministere de la Culture

HAPAX: French Resources on the Web

Famous French Links


French TV5                                                                                   Yahoo France                                                                               Le Monde newspaper                                                                                         French football federation                                                                                     French TV5                                                                        Funambule, TV5 site                                                                                      SNCF timetable search                                                                          Virtual exploration of Paris                                                                                  Rendez-vous: pen-friend service                                                               France a la carte                                                                             u Point site


Culture Geography and History - Spanish                                     

Latin World                                                                                                Internet resources on Latin America and the Caribbean

La ciudad de guide                                                  HIspanic Culture                                                                       Spnaish Culture – lesson outlines


 Culture Geography and History - French


Dictionaries                                                                 Word Reference Dictionary - multilingual                         Netglos Spanish Internet Dictionary                           Netglos French Internet Dictionary                          Alternative Spanish Dictionary (explicit slang)                            Alternative French Dictionary (explicit slang)