The Classical Guitar
Michael E. Marks
Classical Guitarist and Teacher
The Classical Guitar has been described as an entire orchestra combined in one instrument.  This is because not only does the listener hear melody and accompaniment together, but an enchanting variety of tonal qualities  interwoven to produce a total sound that has captivated audiences for centuries.
Students from 7 to 70 years of age can follow one of two basic programmes or a third which is a  combination of these two.
The classical programme is an on-going series of classes corresponding to the Royal Schools of Music syllabus with its 8 student grade levels.  It is a formal programme and each level culminates in an ABRSM examination.  Syllabus requirements are rigorously covered, as well as other musical experiences meant to reinforce relevant techniques and to expose students to an enjoyable selection of classical and finger-style music. 
Theory of music accompanies this programme and theory examinations are also available. Students may follow this course just for personal development and pleasure (without taking exams)

Approx. Course Length - 8 months per level
Fee - $30 per hr.
Frequency - 2   1-hr.  lessons per wk.
Programme 1 - Classical