Programme 2 - Combo

Students follow the classical programme at a reduced pace, but also learn the folk style as outlined in Programme 3 below. 
Students may follow this course just for personal development and pleasure (without taking exams).  ABRSM examinations may be sat if requested, and there is an option to sit the informal Performance Assessment, where students choose their own test offerings.

Schedule: (As for Programme 1)

Programme 3 - Folk

The third  is the folk guitar programme.  Students learn finger style guitar playing for soloing and accompaniment, i.e. plucking and strumming, and explore a selection of music which includes folk and popular songs of several cultures including those of the Caribbean.

Approx. Course Length - 4 Months

Fee - $25 per hr.
Frequency - 2   1-hr.  lessons per wk.
Your Tutor

Michael Marks has been teaching Classical Guitar for more than 20 years in Guyana and in the Bahamas. Mainly self-taught , he completed the rigorous methods of Frederick Noad and others, and has sought the counsel of professional classical guitarists for short tutoring periods. In 1973, he participated in the Guyana Music Festival, winning in his category.  He has since performed at several concerts including some put on by the Music Society of Guyana , the Nassau Music Society, the Bahamas Police Force Band, and the Friends of the College of the Bahamas.  (see photos)

Mr. Marks has sat and passed up to Grade 8 of the Royal Schools of Music practical guitar examinations, and is pursuing studies for his Advanced Certificate.

Guitar music you can learn:

Classical: Malaguena | Greensleeves | Allegretto | Rondo

Fingerpicking duets (midis): Greensleeves | Here, there | Cumbanchero | Blackbird | Magoado | Tico-tico | Bouca Dance

Listen to me play:
O Beautiful Guyana

All students must have an acoustic guitar of their own, or one available to them.  A music stand, guitar case and a foot stool (if applicable) are also highly recommended.
Lessons are conducted at the home of the student, or, if this is not convenient,  at the address below, according to a mutually agreed time-table.
19 Frasier Allotments o/ Soldier Rd.
PO Box N-10767
Nassau, Bahamas

Tel: (242) 394-3769
(242) 468-3997 (cell)
Fees are payable in advance at the beginning of each month unless otherwise agreed upon.

The recommended music books to accompany instruction should be purchased within a month of the commencement of lessons.  The teacher may help in the acquisition of these books.  Examination material will be provided.