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Monday November 18 

On Monday November 18, in celebration of Modern Languages Day,  the Modern Languages Department of the Government High School held a special assembly which turned out to be a mini-concert.  This event was held in the Library and the audience of roughly 300 included French and Spanish students, teachers and some 20 invitees from our feeder school, A.F. Adderley.  The theme of this presentation was “The Adventure of Exploring Cultural Differences”. 

Hosted by MC’s Felicia Smith and Nicara Hunt of the 12th grade, the programme got underway with a prayer in French, then the song “Como la Flor” sung by Phylicia Miller – the best start a programme could have. This was followed by a French Skit “A la Banque“, devised by Mrs. C.D. Watson,  in which 4 capable young men demonstrated the value of being able to speak French in order to complete a banking transaction in the Bahamas successfully. 

Thereafter the audience was treated to a Spanish poem, a rendition of Spanish music by a trio comprising two guitars and a bongo, and a French song “Ma Musique” by a group of 12th graders.  Interspersed between these items were three episodes of an extended Spanish skit illustrating  three snippits of Spanish culture: - a ring game “Doña Blanca”, Las Uvas de la Suerte (Grapes of Luck on New Years Eve), and the Breaking of the Piñata.  Presented as a series of ZNS remote broadcasts, these scenes were bound together by anchors Darold (Delano Springer) and Michelle (Lashornda Adderley). 

Guest Speaker Mr. Matthew William gave an inspiring talk on appreciating different cultures, illustrated with references to the fateful situation in Montserrat, and appealing appealed particularly to older members of the audience. 

The programme ended with a salsa dance by 12 grade Spanish students prepared by freelance dance instuctor, Mr. D. Volmy, and shepherded by Mrs. Elthinia Brooks. This dance, with its rhythmic steps and breathtaking spins, was an exciting end to a well received programme.  

There were delays and technical difficulties, and some students even flubbed their lines, but both staff and students in the audience expressed their immense enjoyment of the programme and their appreciation of the effort, dedication and involvement of the students who participated.  For these students, excitement was in the air and participation in this event had made their day.

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